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Discover Weight Loss Videos

Weight loss Videos

You work, you move your body, you sweat and, best of all, you burn calories like crazy.

Discover the Abs & Glutes program with Jessica

Get a flat stomach, slim down and strengthen your abdominals and your buttocks.

Watch the video Weight loss Videos: Abs & Glutes »

Discover the Bootcamp program with Derek

Be ready to burn, shed calories and define your muscles.

Watch the video Weight loss Videos: Bootcamp »

Discover the Cardio Cross Train program with Chelsea

Burn calories to get a fit, healthy and toned body!

Watch the video Weight loss Videos: Cardio Cross Train »

Discover the Cardio Dance Fusion program with Megan

Lose weight, burn calories and sculpt your body in a funky fun way!

Watch the video Weight loss Videos: Cardio Dance Fusion »